About Us

 About Us


A memorial is a unique way to highlight your successes,

a visible record reflected in the pure form of an aesthetic creation.

The Immaginoso lucites are such creations.

They are masterpieces that melt together light and substance

in geometrical shapes and aesthetic design to symbolize your achievements.

Whether you are looking for securing the memory, or design

subtlety, the Immaginoso’s lucite will give you a perfect balance

between elegance and tradition, converting the energy and efforts

of your experience into a real, tangible and quality prize.

Give yourself a gift, a special present that symbolizes

your achievements. Choose a lucite designed to transform

your exciting challenges into an image that stops time.

The lucites of Immaginoso are the history of your successes;

they are an important testimony to your dedicated work.

A mix of style, creativity and an overview and attention to each step

of the production process, characterizes the development

of an Immaginoso lucites.

From brainstorming to creative proposals, from prototype to production,

from packaging to delivery, the “All Inclusive” service offered

by Immaginoso is a guarantee of quality and reliability.